Erotic Lounge (Vol.9)


  • Year: 2010
  • Composition: 3CD 52 titres
  • Genre: Lounge
  • Duration: 03:42:33
  • Format / Codec: MP3
  • Bitrate audio: 320 Kbps
Catégorie : Étiquette :

Cd 01Cd 02Cd 03
  1. Vargo:
    Precious Part One
  2. Merge Of Equals:
  3. Tontelas Feat. Ski:
    On My Way
  4. From P60 feat. Virag:
    You Take Me
  5. Hyusfall:
  6. Lonnie Liston Smith:
    Love Beams
  7. Marga Sol:
    Around Me
  8. The Unkempt:
    What Do You Want More
  9. Jens Buchert:
    Easy Heart
  10. Living Room:
    Deep Breath
  11. Bonobo Feat. Andreya Triana:
    The Keeper
  12. Jet Tricks:
    Essential Love
  13. Corporal Identity:
    Deep Dub
  14. Alien Cafй:
    Chloй Says…
  15. Lemongrass Feat. Karen Gibson Roc:
    On The Edge Of Time
  16. Julienne:
    Sugar Daddy
  17. Pesheya:
    Feelt It
  18. Ohm Guru Feat. Vagina Hendrix:
    Once Again
  19. Sophie Zelmani:
    The Years
  1. Redlounge Orchestra:
  2. Air:
  3. Nux:
    Feel The Vibe
  4. Mirage Of Deep:
    Mon Amour De Paris (Lounge Version 2009)
  5. Glam Sam And His Combo:
    Give It To Me, Baby
  6. Kosmax:
  7. Mr. Scruff:
    Music Takes Me Up
  8. Coldcut:
    Walk A mile In My Shoes
  9. Synthpathic:
    Do You?
  10. Vish Knew Project:
    Is He?
  11. Daniel Ray van Zyl:
    Lost Time
  12. Bloomfield:
    Love Me Please Love Me
  13. Sip And Pass:
  14. Boozoo Bajou:
    Yma (Afterlife Remix)
  15. Unit Blue:
    Sunshine Lovers
  16. Blauw Associates:
    Fashion Victims (No.4 Jazzride Mix)
  1. Steve Osaka:
    Among The Reed
  2. DJ Sleeptalker:
    Lounge Experiment (Erotic Lounge Mix)
  3. Triangle Sun:
  4. Setsuna:
    Beccy’s Song
  5. Fudge X:
    On The Beach
  6. Mark Watson:
    Somewhere Else
  7. Anthony Island:
    Promets (Erotic Lounge Mix)
  8. Mazelo Nostra:
    Beach Hopper
  9. Pete Dingon:
    Erotic In The Air (Erotic Lounge Mix)
  10. Lazy Hammock & Zelonka:
    Come Together
  11. Brook Sapphire:
    Trust In Love (Erotic Lounge Mix)
  12. Rhodescreen:
    When The Night Is Over
  13. Gold Lounge:
    Spring Rain
  14. Velvet Lounge Project:
    Contigo (Original Mix)
  15. GXR:
    To The Lighthouse
  16. Night Cruzer:
  17. Twila.Too Vs. Newton & Kroemer:
    El Pointille